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  1. Hash Cookies

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    • Hash Cookies

    We design stuff.
    Our triumph is in making your stuff not just look good
    but work good. Designs forged with an information architecture
    based in logic and expressed through art,
    blossoming into beautiful experiences that reveal
    the right emotion of your message.

  3. Wok & Roll

    A restaurant site performs very different functions depending on the context. While the desktop experience of Wok&Roll features a fuller landing view, we wanted any mobile visitors to get quick access to contact information. That said, we didn't want to shun mobile users with a substandard experience, so the full visual experience of the Wok & Roll site is just a tap away.

  4. Club Goa

    Given the target audience of tourists, the site needed quick access to its two core properties: the holiday package and privilege card. The site features a picturesque holiday beach scene, with all of the content loaded dynamically without browser reloads. And since we needed to have the same experience on tablet devices, the animated site was coded without Flash.

  5. Miss Simoni

    Fashion designer Aruna Arya needed her site to give a visual peek at the kind of garments and accessories she has at her store. Aided by gorgeous photography provided by Aruna, we coded the site along a curtains based story mode which requires only one interaction from the user: to scroll.

  6. The Living Field

    In addition to maintaining The Organic Farming Association of India's online presence, Hash Cookies also aids the production of The Living Field newsletter periodical, sent to thousands of indigenous farmers across the nation. Even though the magazine is space constrained, we've used large typography for easy readability considering its target audience. Hash Cookies also formulated a brand new 'digital edition' of the same newsletter, designed for laptop and tablet screens.

  7. Our other projects

    • Goa Foundation

      Goa's best known environmental organisation

      Hash Cookies maintains the online properties of The Goa Foundation, including keeping their facebook page in tune with the current generation.

    • Dj Claudio

      A website for one of Goa's top DJs.

      A single scroll parallaxed page to condense Dj Claudio's information, including his work on mixCloud and upcoming gigs.

    • Wok&Roll

      South East Asian Restaurant in Sinquerim

      Hash Cookies helped Wok & Roll display their journey, their beautiful menu and their place in this simple yet elegant website.

    • Organic Farming Association of India

      The nation's biggest network of grassroots organic farmers.

      OFAI is a vast resource that needed to be condensed in a simplest user interface possible. Hash Cookies also does the layout for their "Living Field" print publication, which now includes a digital edition.

    • Nisha Albuquerque

      A website for a graphic designer specialised in print and corporate design.

      We essentially created two websites, one as a single portfolio page to highlight her favourite work, and another projects view which condenses all of her work in with a quick and fluid navigation.

    • Satsanga Ashram

      Yoga and wellness retreat.

      Swastanga uses Hash Cookies to create their training manuals and other materials.

    • Miss Simoni

      Fashion Designer Aruna Arya's online face

      After Aruna supplied us with gorgeous photography from a shoot, we decided to go with a curtains like scrolling user interface with various fades to give a rich experience. Hash Cookies also designed a blog based on the Tumblr platform.

    • Rahul Alvares

      Award winning Naturalist and Photographer Rahul Alvares

      Given the breathtaking nature photography, the visual impact of the site had to be 'huge'. Hash Cookies also designs Rahul's posters and other marketing materials.

    • Typewriter Guerilla

      The worksite of Dr. Claude Alvares.

      A word heavy blog, we decided to keep the clutter down and focus on what's important: the words. The site is also completely responsive down to the smallest mobile screens, and uses Ajax to load articles without a page refresh.

    • The Faction

      Well reputed design studio from Mumbai.

      The Faction brought in designs, Hash Cookies coded their renders.

    • Kenwood(i)

      Property Consultants

      A website with condensed information, including specialised pages for core functions of the company.

    • Club Goa

      Celebrate your lifestyle with privilege club

      Club Goa needed something animated, fun, giving a holiday feel. We designed a single page edge to edge 'scene', and since it doesn't use flash, it also works great on tablets and mobile devices.

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  8. /community

    The /community initiative is about giving back to our community in the smallest ways that we can. In fact, 5% of our operating profits are going to be dedicated to aiding our community work. Our last job involved getting down and dirty with filthy garbage dumped along the beautiful village of Anjuna. And the next one's always coming up.

    If you're in Goa and would like to participate in such events, we'd love for you to join us. Don't worry, we won't use you to pimp our brand. We don't intend to use this as a promotional drive, and our brand stays far from our work. Follow our Facebook page or submit your email in the form below for updates on future events (this mailing list is for /community related updates only).

  9. Hash Cookies

    “Gravity release me,
    And don't ever hold me down
    Now my feet won't touch the ground.”