Our Design Work

The modern web brings together technology and design to create an expressive yet powerful platform. To which we've made a few contributions of our own…

Clean. Minimal. Content-first.

We love to use content as navigation, whitespace as user interface, art as communication;
leaving none of our own footprints in our clients’ work.

Other India Bookstore Other India Bookstore screenshot
Other India Bookstore (Beta)

Custom e-commerce solution build with Ruby on Rails.

Product Before Technology. Always.

Every project starts from ground zero: what is the goal and how best we achieve it? If we have to build an entire platform to support it, we’ll do it. We’ve done it.

Help Delhi Breathe

Custom CMS based on Sinatra Ruby and Responsive design principles

Unique hand crafted designs

Multi-faceted designs that try to find a balance between uniqueness in identity and familiarity in operation. It's what we call “emotion in logic”.

a Reverie

Hand crafted pages, served with PHP.

Design is Iteration

Our work goes beyond placing pixels on a screen. We design, and then redesign, all the while visualising an experience that fits the message (and not the other way around).

Wonderflip Circus

Web application built with emberJS and Ruby on Rails. Admin panel features a very flexible content management system and smart ticket order management.

HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, AJAX, Nodejs, Angular, Python, PHP, Sinatra, Laravel… Technology is a never ending endeavour, but meaningless without application.

What it is. That's what matters most.