This site–mostly raw HTML and CSS–is maintained using Jekyll, and hosted at Github Pages. We’ve used Bootstrap for the scaffolding, Typekit to provide fonts (“Bree” and “Bree Serif”), and skrollr to help us animate around the place. The SVG shapes are all drawn using Sketch for Mac, images polished in Photoshop and optimised in ImageOptim. The code itself–including this line–is written mostly using Espresso. Yes, I’ve heard of Sublime, but I’m stubborn. I have been dabbling with vim with tmux on Ubuntu though. The site, including this blog, is version controlled using git and hosted on github here.

The site was mostly designed while coding, rather than by drawing renders in Photoshop. The site went through many iterations before we landed on this one, which I think has a balance of playful while keeping it formal. We did try and squeeze in as many Coldplay references we could get away with.

Let us know what you think.