At Hash Cookies, we charge for our services by the hour. We put in all efforts in to delivering the best version of a product, one that is designed with a good amount of research and creativity, and then carefully built with detailed precision. To compensate those efforts and charge our clients a fair sum, we follow this pricing methodology. This blog post attempts to throw light on the how, what, and why of that process.

The Concept

There are several stages we go through time and again to create that perfectly orchestrated product. The making of it involves several stages. We premeditate those stages rationally, and then arrive at an estimated number of hours in which the product will be ready.

The Breakdown

We use the word estimated because we like it when there is room for wiggle. Every project has its own identity, an unpredictable nature if you will. The target audience, cultures, ideologies vary, even if may have worked on a similar product before. We put in time to learn about our clients and their business, to help us figure out the best possible way to materialise their vision. We then sketch out those ideas to help them see our plan of action, take into account feedback, and build that product with the best of resources available. The next phase involves making sure it works on all browsing platforms (no we don’t think of IE5 as a browsing platform), and check carefully that it’s accessible to everyone. We try to do all of this within a suitable timeframe. We do not charge our clients for any time partaken for learning on the job, or correcting errors made by us, or for the tea we make you when you show up at our humble abode. (It’s so good, we should :-))

The Advantage

Every client that chooses to work with Hash Cookies, walks out with a product uniquely built to fit their needs. That is the only way we choose to work. We never use readymade templates, and why should we? Creativity is a skill we harness. Charging by the hour gives us the liberty to think ‘out of the box’ every time we are approached for business. What can we do different? bigger? better? This nature of billing helps us find the right answers, gives our clients an understanding of the work we are putting in, which equals smooth sailing of workflow, a solid service, and ultimately a product that will make you proud.