Cūr is the first pain releief wearable that has officially launched in the USA. We helped them build a fully functional prototype, an iOS application that controls their bluetooth device, without ever having any access to the device itself. They had tight schedules, and we managed to meet all deadlines. All of this done across continents, without ever meeting face to face, all because we were recommended by a gem of a ‘twitter friend’ who had the faith that we could deliver. We are really excited for Cūr, and wish them great success.

Here’s Shaun Rahimi, founder of Cūr:

It’s finally here. Meet Cūr, the world’s first smart pain relief wearable. It senses pain to deliver TENS therapy for optimized and sustained relief. It’s small and discreet enough to be used anywhere on the body, whether you’re watching a movie or playing sports. Effortless to use, all you have to do is place it and wait 5 seconds for effective relief. See the attached fact sheet for details.

You can learn more about Cūr –> here.