Software developers at Hash Cookies work with a large Ruby on Rails application that provides a JSON:API compliant interface for a large Ember.js web client (which is also packaged into native iOS and Android apps). The ideal candidate is equally comfortable in both environments, though most team members currently specialize on either the front- or back-end.

Our applications are complicated and robust. There are hundreds of models, integrations with many customer systems, involved analytics, and many custom data visualizations. To be successful member or our team, a software developer must be comfortable navigating this sort of code base and implementing solutions in this context.

This post looks to fill in a role for a front-end developer, who’s familiarity with Ember is a plus, but not required. We’d be comfortable training on Ember if a candidate’s JavaScript skills and experience were solid enough. Our application is a mix of old and new (Octane) Ember patterns, but all new code is written in the Octane style.

As mentioned in the title, this is a remote opportunity, which will mean that applicants will have to own their own work machines, a good internet connection, and be effective with communication. If the candidate wishes to re-locate, we may be able to help you re-locate.