After being scattered all over the Alvares’ house for nearly two years, we got around to moving into a place of our own. Well, it’s still a part of the same house, and maybe it’s not really moving in so much as to moving two rooms down, but trust me when I say that this is finally a place we can call the Hash Cookies’ design studio.

Finding the right room in the house was the easiest part, how to make it look like a design studio was a separate ball game. No amount of research on Pinterest can help you prepare for this. Two guys trying to make calls on the perfect lamp shades, the right colour for the walls, placement of furniture, a place for the Coldplay poster, yada yada. And when what you sell depends on your creative and artistic taste, the outcome better be good.

A look into what was…

Before pic of the studio

But like any other product made at Hash Cookies, we welcomed the challenges, made mistakes, learnt from them, found a fix and most importantly enjoyed the ride. We did a lot of the manual work ourselves, well not the heavy-lifting really, we had professional help with that. It’s still not a 100% complete, and I think it never will be, but that’s okay. Mr. Pirsig in The Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintainence put it so well:

“Sometimes it’s a little better to travel than to arrive.”

So we’ll keep travelling. We do have a pretty decent place that you can now come visit

After pic of the studio

So if you’re around, drop by for a cup of chai, or to chat about a whacky idea or maybe just to tickle the cat. They say we’re good company.

We are on the map