Milind and I are Goan boys, in body, mind and soul; love the fresh air, wide open spaces, and the fact that you are never running against time. We always wanted to have that, while being able to bring home the bacon. Goa gives you that liberty, as anyone who has been here long enough will have noticed the growing attraction to setup business here. Hash Cookies - the studio, resides in a quaint village called Parra, which is not very far from the capital city. We recognized that most people today choosing to coordinate online, the relevance of where the business is located is nearly insignificant. We’ve made sure we have a very strong online communication system set up so our clients never feel too distant from us. We’ve experienced a few hardships from time to time, being located in a village, but fortunately nothing we couldn’t handle. On the upside, our state of mind, which is our most important tool, is costantly being serviced by chirping birds, peaceful silence, and the therapeutic purring of the cats.

Hash Cookies studio entrance

Our clients who visit often compliment us on the serenity we chose to surround ourselves in. And small as it may seem, we love the sort of impression it has on them. Today, Goa nests a happy home for many new business owners, largely growing in the tech industry. We saw it coming, and we’re glad to call it the Hash Cookies’ home.